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'Madden NFL 18' will have a story mode with Mahershala Ali and a Dan Marino cameo

It’s a first for the “Madden” franchise.

During EA Sports’ presentation on Saturday for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the publisher revealed a new story mode for Madden NFL 18 called “Longshot,” a first for the franchise. Based on the trailer, it looks like it’ll be similar to NBA 2K’s MyCareer mode, where your player makes their journey from high school football to college-level to the pros.

Also revealed in the trailer: a Texas Longhorns logo, which means we’re just a step removed from having NCAA Football back:

Dan Marino in a Dolphins-branded suit:

An appearance at the NFL combine:

And Academy Award-winner Mahershala Ali plays your dad:

Overall, the trailer makes it seem like “Longshot” will have shades of movies like Friday Night Lights and Richard Linklater’s Boyhood. It’ll be interesting what the finished product will be and how the Madden faithful react to it. But for now, be excited that we got Mahershala Ali in a video game.

(Wait, let me check his IMDb page. OK, a video game that isn’t CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.)