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There is so much facial hair in Long Beach State-Cal State Fullerton Super Regional game


College baseball facial hair is an important, if rather niche, internet genre. Bethune-Cookman’s Austin Garcia knows well the importance of keeping a sanitary beardscape, and Texas A&M’s pitching staff is famous for sporting playoff mustaches during tournament time.

So, Long Beach State is hosting Cal State Fullerton in a west coast super regional this weekend, and both teams’ facial hair is here to see and be seen. Long Beach right fielder Brock Lundquist’s robber baron mustache is straight out of the Gilded Age, for instance.

This in fact raises an interesting question, as asked by ESPN’s broadcast:


Does Fullerton have a counter offer to Lundquist’s upper lip? Of course they do. Here’s reliever Brett Conine getting amped after a bang-bang play at first.

Let’s pause that right fast, shall we?

Now, mustaches are fine as far as they go, but what about the full-on beard? Well, let’s check in with Fullerton third baseman Taylor Bryant.


Our resident lumberjack has become something of a crowd favorite, with fans going out of their way to commit to #GraveBeforeShave.

The Dirtbags and Titans are tied, 1-1, in the Long Beach super, with the winner earning a ticket to the College World Series proper in Omaha. Keep the dream alive, everyone.