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These 4 heroic Florida fans are committed to seeing the Gators advance to the College World Series

Not Gainesville, but Rainesville.

The college baseball tournament is annually plagued by foul weather, and 2017 has been no different. The skies have been particularly troublesome in Florida for the super regional weekend, with Gainesville undergoing a four-hour delay on Saturday and both Tallahassee and Gainesville currently under dangerous weather delays. Tallahassee, for its part, has been delayed nearly seven hours.

This inconveniences everyone involved in these games, most pertinently players and coaches, who have to tame the emotions of in-game preparedness to the tedium of sitting around and waiting for the weather to clear.

But fans are affected, too, and the truest test of one’s dedication to the cause is one’s willingness to sit out getting shat on by rain for hours on end, just to witness a potential advancement to the College World Series.

Like these brave Florida fans.

Why our heroes aren’t seeking shelter under a concourse roof we may never know. Especially since they’re facing down a wall of water out there.

Some might describe this as cavalier folly. Others might cite the Gators’ dramatic walkoff victory on Saturday night — again, after a four-hour rain delay — as factual evidence that the end of this game bears witnessing. Wherever you land on these fans’ collective decision to stick it out, one thing is indisputable: they’re getting absolutely drenched on purpose.