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Who is ‘The Freeze’ and why does he keep beating Braves fans in races?

Like all good superheroes, The Freeze has an origin story.

Last week, a new superhero sprinted into the lives of sports fans across the country. His name is The Freeze, and his power? Schooling people in between innings at Atlanta Braves games.

And while that might not sound like a power that needs the word “super” attached to it, you really have to see The Freeze in action to believe it. In the event, the fan is given a 200-foot head start ... and The Freeze still wins. Every time.

And for the doubters out there, this wasn’t a one-and-done feat — The Freeze did the same thing again just a day later, this time stumbling out of the blocks and STILL finishing in first.

But who is The Freeze?

Until now, the masked hero’s identity was largely a secret. All we knew about The Freeze was his super speed, his fly outfit, and his ability to easily beat any competitor in a race around the outfield.

But wonder no more — the man behind the mask has been revealed. According to The Washington Post, the mysterious hero is a 26-year-old track athlete and member of the Braves ground crew named Nigel Talton. He first donned the superhero getup this year when the Braves saw his speed in another between-innings race and decided to make him the star of a new one built around his speed.

That game became “Beat the Freeze,” and The Freeze became a star.

When the supersuit goes on, Nigel Talton turns into ... The Freeze. But the rest of the time, he’s living the normal side of his dual life as a school security guard and track student-athlete at Kennesaw State. While Talton is a busy guy, we’re lucky that he has time to be a hero — even if only between innings.

And for now, he looks invincible.