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Japanese baseball team unveils incredible new puking angler fish mascot

Once in a great while, the world is given something new. Something pure. Something beautiful. Today we can deeply thank the Chiba Lotte Marines for introducing us to their new angler fish.

It’s an incredible, multi-stage mascot. At first you think it’s just an angler fish running around in stylish trousers, then it pukes up a fish skeleton with a terrified face. It’s like the angler fish puked up a “Hot Topic.”

We really have some questions about the fiction here. In Chiba Lotte’s own video they show the fish skeleton horrified it’s been regurgitated on the field and desperate to find its way back into the fish’s mouth.

Why is this? Is the mouth its home? Is it shy? Wouldn’t the fish bones want to be free of their captor? Is this a symbiotic relationship and the two are friends?

The mind boggles.