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7 questions for the Penguins fan who ate a raw catfish to celebrate the Stanley Cup

On Sunday night a Penguins fan caught the world’s attention when he was photographed biting a raw catfish in the streets of Pittsburgh while celebrating his team’s Stanley Cup win.

We don’t know who this fan is, but this will remain one of the most iconic celebration photos for a long time. If this fan is out there, reading this, please answer these questions:

1. Why didn’t you cook the catfish?

Granted, the photo wouldn’t have had the same effect if you were eating a piece of fried catfish — but it would have been a lot more delicious.

2. Why did you choose to buy an uncleaned catfish?

Buying an uncleaned fish is a bit of a chore and really only for people into cleaning fish themselves. The decision to go guts-and-all with the fish really made the photo as gross as possible, but this was a curious decision.

3. Did you buy the fish right before taking this photo?

Please say yes, because otherwise you bit into a warm catfish you’d been carrying around all game.

4. Are you super sick today?

See question three.

5. Did you squeeze the fish to make its guts spurt out of its neck?

That’s gross.

6. Do you eat raw fish on the reg, or was this a special occasion?

Because that does not look like some sushi-grade fish.

7. Did you bite a raw shark when Pittsburgh beat San Jose in 2016?

If this is a pattern I REALLY need to know if you chomped down on a tire in 2009.

If you know this person, please have them answer our questions.