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Lil B is the reason Kevin Durant won the NBA Finals



Not just the NBA Finals, which ended in a Warriors win last night, but the thing that was keeping Finals MVP Kevin Durant from being there in the first place: Lil B’s curse.

It all began in 2011, when KD dissed Lil B’s music on Twitter (a big no-no) and Lil B responded by summoning the power of the Based God and placing a curse of Durant.

And that was that ... for the next half-decade of KD’s career, he went without a championship ring. But when he made the move to Golden State this offseason, Bay Area legend Lil B had a change of heart.

But the question remained: Even with the curse allegedly no longer in effect, could KD win a championship? And last night gave us the answer we were waiting for — proof that not only was the Based God’s Curse real, but that Lil B’s mercy was likely the ONLY reason for the Warriors’ win.

And while KD celebrated, the Based God looked down and smiled upon him.

So congrats to Kevin Durant for finally winning an NBA championship ... but let’s not forget who the real MVP is.