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Lonzo Ball made fun of LaVar in Foot Locker's Father's Day ad, and it's hilarious

Lonzo Ball is trapped in an unenviable position where people dislike him only because of the ludicrous stuff his dad says. If you’re one of those people, then this new Foot Locker ad might change your mind.

It features several NBA draft prospects talking about what their dads mean to them ahead of Father’s Day. They’re stories of support, belief, and sacrifice — except for Lonzo’s moments.

“Of course there’s that big day where your dad berates your high school coach — in front of an entire crowd, for not getting you enough touches.”

After a few more happy memories from other draftees we return to Lonzo, back to share some of his rapid-fire memories.

“Or that special moment where your dad sits you down and tells you where you’re going to college — copyrights your name to make it part of a family lifestyle brand. Went on First Take and shouted back and forth with Stephen A. Smith about how you’re already better than the reigning league MVP. All those interviews from the stands during college games. The public spats with all-time greats. Sound byte after sound byte to the national media — and then tells 29 out of 30 teams to not bother drafting you.”

It’s self-deprecating in a way the Ball family never presents themselves, and the result is just perfect. It won’t change anyone’s mind on LaVar, but maybe Lonzo won a few more fans.