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Draymond Green predictably stole the show at the Warriors championship parade

Of course, Draymond was the best part.

Draymond Green — who else? — took over the Warriors championship parade on Thursday, calling out LeBron James, wearing a “Quickie” shirt, and even getting air on a golf cart. Please, please enjoy Green at his finest in this following video:

Green is good friends with James, and this all seemed like it was good-natured ribbing — especially since Green is right. Come on, LeBron, you can’t really say you never played for a superteam. What was Miami? What do you call the current Cleveland team?

I do find it funny that Green said he was picked, like, “47 or something.” He got every other player’s draft selection correct, and he obviously knows his own — he can name all 34 players selected before him! (Maybe that’s exactly the joke Green was making, though it was probably lost on some Warriors fans in the crowd.)

Here’s another Green interview, which is just as entertaining:

Next up: a closer look at Green’s shirt:

That’s glorious. Green said he had the T-shirts printed in Cleveland, too, for the “quickie” in and out of the city for a finals win.

Last, there’s this incredible photo:

Yes, that’s Green commandeering a golf cart and GETTING AIR somewhere along the parade route. That is amazing.

Draymond Green in the Petty Hall of Fame