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These cultural variants of 'when mom makes pizza rolls' are proof we’re all the same

“When mom makes pizza rolls” is the perfect meme. It blends nostalgia with cultural relevance in a way few memes can. It’s also become a staple in the world of sports, because we will always see excited players and fans:

The pizza roll is an old friend — a symbol of when your childhood was magical. You never had control of meal times, and if you weren’t blessed with parents who had culinary skills, well, the pizza roll was your escape. It didn’t matter that you only got them on a night when your mom just couldn’t give an eff anymore — it was your night to have something special.

There’s just one problem: Other cultures don’t have the same attachment to pizza rolls as the U.S. does. Other countries certainly have access to pizza rolls, but they don’t carry the same nostalgia for kids who grew up in the ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s. But memes are fun, and the construction of “when mom makes” resonates with everyone, regardless of your background.

We’re left with a meme that had changed around the world -- and they’re amazing:

It’s also used in the negative. This is a food people don’t like, or a difficult food situation — always accompanied by a sad GIF: