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Light blue 'Glacier Freeze' is the best Gatorade flavor ever

Don’t dare confuse it with Cool Blue.

Humans don’t support me the same way Glacier Freeze Gatorade does. It’s there for the good, the bad, and the ugly. The majestic light blue liquid beauty has tucked me in at night, helped me recover in the morning, and fueled me up to lose the big game!

Glacier Freeze is the world’s best Gatorade flavor, despite nobody knowing what the heck flavor it even is. It smells like berries, but the name gives us no such indication that our senses are right. Glacier Freeze ... Maybe glaciers taste like berries?

Glacier Freeze is the only answer for hangovers and stomach viruses.

Something about the taste and feel of Glacier Freeze makes you feel your body recovering. Mainly from a night full of vomiting.

Actually, now that I think about it, Glacier Freeze is vomit’s kryptonite like no other flavor is. It’s here to settle your stomach and replenish the fluids you just projectiled out. It’s a damn hero for its service. Thank you so much, Glacier Freeze.

Glacier Freeze is also the best sports drink.

It’s not too heavy and keeps you going while you lose your individual sport. It replenished my electrolytes after a long bench-sit on the basketball bench (I did not play) and was right there with me to lose the big track meet. (These are all my problems and not the drink’s.)

Lemon-lime reminds me of of sprite, rain berry is just a no, orange is meh. Glacier Freeze is clearly the best.

“Cool Blue” tries so hard to be Glacier Freeze.

It isn’t, though. Not close. I want to shout out my good Twitter buddy Jake for laying down the law.

There’s nothing more depressing than either accidentally grabbing the wrong color blue gatorade, or, even worse, trying to be Gatoradesplained about how they’re basically the same thing. Get off my blog if you think this.

Shoo. Scram. I don’t want you here.

There’s hope for the next generation.

My 10-year-old cousin has called Glacier Freeze “blue juice” for a while, and that’s probably a good sign that things are swinging in the right direction. Blue juice has always and will forever mean Glacier Freeze, and not Cool Blue to her.

Glacier Freeze taught you what electrolytes are.

Actually, you still don’t really know what they are, but you tell people that Gatorade helps replenish them. And you sound smart saying it!

Nobody knows what Glacier Freeze tastes like, but we still love it.

It’s a mystery, and may always be, but we find comfort in the cool touch of the bitter-tasting blue berry drink reaching our stomachs. The mystery may in fact be the reason we keep chugging away. It’s marketing genius because our curiosity converts to a purchase and though our thirst for liquid is quenched, the thirst for an answer is always there.

Here’s people on Twitter agreeing about Glacier Freeze’s greatness.


Preach, Laura.

Same, Brandon.

This dog is so lucky :)

Now I’ve got new ideas to try.

In conclusion: