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U.S. Open 2017: That annoying noise you're hearing is a plane flying an ad

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If you’ve been watching the 2017 U.S. Open, you’ve noticed the sound of a flying plane throughout FS1 and FOX’s broadcast. Plenty of people on social media have complained about the noise, to the point where Joe Buck had to explain what’s been going on during the final round:

“By the way, you can hear the plane overhead that’s buzzing. That’s not our aircraft that’s up there. And there are people complaining on social media about the sound from that aircraft overhead. This is not restricted airspace, so ... the point is, we can do nothing about the sound. We’ll just all have to bear with the turning prop up there overhead.”

Buck didn’t go into detail on where the airplane came from, and Fox Sports didn’t show the airplane itself during the broadcast. But it turns out there are planes flying banner ads around Erin Hills.

On the one hand, the noises can be annoying. On the other hand, it’s led to a lot of Joe Buck vs. plane jokes.

Those weren’t the only planes flying around Erin Hills over the weekend. On Saturday, there was also a plane flying a banner that said “USGA/LPGA: TAKE A MULLIGAN & DUMP TRUMP.”

This particular plane was planned by Ultraviolet, a women’s advocacy group; it was reported they would be flying their banner during the U.S. Open on Saturday to protest the U.S. Women’s Open taking place at Trump National Golf Club on July 13.

In a statement, Ultraviolet said that the “USGA and LPGA are making women golfers give millions in revenue, free advertising and good branding to Donald Trump,” and that it’s “straight up offensive.” The U.S. Women’s Open is part of the LPGA Tour, but is organized by the USGA; the organization awarded the U.S. Women’s Open to Trump National in 2012, years before he became president. Despite the protests, the USGA has no intention to move the event.