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Kevin Durant won an NBA title and started trolling people on Twitter again

Warning: hot tweets!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Kevin Durant is a great basketball player. He’s the NBA Finals MVP, one of the league’s top scorers, and he just led the Warriors past LeBron to win an NBA title.

But we all know what his REAL secret talent is — trolling people on Twitter.

And this certainly isn’t a new thing: From 2009 to 2012, when KD was a young, fresh star for the Thunder, his Twitter was one of the wildest in sports — tweeting gems like these on a regular basis:


Who doesn’t #renenber this??


But as Durant’s career has progressed, his Twitter has become more and more boring. I mean, the guy had the time to star in a kids movie, how has he not had time to shoot off some fire tweets??

Well now that he has a ring, he’s finding the time.

Over the weekend, KD decided to exercise the old Twitter fingers and respond to, well, pretty much anyone who tweeted at him. Over the course of a few days, Durant tweeted at dozens of people, mostly haters, and the results were pretty incredible.

And now ... a brand new episode of “NBA Finals MVP Fights Random People on Twitter.”

Let’s see how KD did while facing off against the haters. Enjoy the show!

Twitter Tip No. 1: Always mention that you go to the gym.

Yes, probably true.

I dunno, KD, this is really less of a comeback and more of a rhetorical question, but it might just show the tiniest hint of swagger. Maybe.

And not sure if this is a comeback or just the realest thing on Twitter.

The tweets range from funny to mean, hilarious to nonsensical. But one thing’s for sure — Twitter missed KD. And from the looks of it, KD missed Twitter, too.

So let’s hope he decides to keep himself entertained this offseason and we get to see some more of these fire tweets.

Just be careful when you @ the man — he might @ you right back.