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David Goffin hurt his ankle on a tarp at the French Open and the photo is barf-worthy

A freak injury at the French Open forced world No. 11 David Goffin to withdraw from his match on Friday when an encounter with a courtside tarp caused his ankle to roll over:

As Goffin slid to make a shot, his foot went under the loose tarp, before pulling taut — causing him to fall over. Courtside cameras snapped a photo of his ankle at its worst moment, and the photo is gross:

Photonews / Contributor, Getty Images

Looking at this, you’d assume he broke his ankle in all the places, or at best tore some ligaments — but thankfully Goffin managed to escape the injury unscathed, except for some swelling:

Goffin was forced to leave the match, and his opponent, Horacio Zeballos, carried his bag off the court in another amazing example of sportsmanship from the tournament: