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Hawks and Hornets joke on Twitter hours before making Dwight Howard trade

Watch the Twitter magic unfold!

It’s NBA trade season, and that means rumors are flying, teams are frantically searching for new players, and fans are praying for the best. Or, in the case of Atlanta Hawks fans, they’re giving unsolicited advice ... and lots of it.

In fact, the Hawks took to their historically fire Twitter account to joke about the armchair GMs who have something to say about everyone on their team:

As other teams began to pile into the Hawks mentions, one in hindsight stands out.

The two then negotiated for the rights to tweet, but could these tweets be secret code for a Dwight Howard trade? That’s right, only hours later, the Hawks traded Dwight Howard and their 31st pick to Charlotte for Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli, and the 41st pick. Did this start it all?

Ooh, something’s cooking!

YES! Unsolicited advice from the Los Angeles Clippers ... and using the NBA Trade Machine, too!

Did the Hornets take the deal? Was the Hawks offering up their tweets their way of offering up Dwight Howard?

They’re really pushing for this.

Drats. The Hornets drive a hard bargain. But the Hawks aren’t letting go without a fight.

Not a bad counter-offer. But is it enough to lure the Hornets back?

They’re almost there!

Woo! Success! Time to pop open the champagne and celebrate.

Looking forward to see how Howard does in Charlotte.

Also, shoutout to the Magic and the Nets, purely for use of good memes.