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Dwight Howard tweeted about NBA trades. 5 minutes later, he was traded


Dwight Howard: he’s just like us. He wanted to get in on the NBA offseason speculation, so he went on Twitter and asked his followers. You can’t blame him. It’s so much fun to think about which player will get drafted on Thursday and which players are on the move. This might have been sparked by the Los Angeles Lakers’ move earlier on Tuesday when they moved D’Angelo Russell.

Nevertheless, it seemed like a fun thing to do. But that only lasted roughly five minutes. A few moments after Dwight tweeted that out, reports came out that Dwight himself was on the move to the Charlotte Hornets. The Atlanta Hawks will send Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli, and the 41st pick to Charlotte for Howard and the 31st pick.

Maybe Dwight already knew that he was being dealt to another team, and this tweet was just a way to see if his followers already knew? One of the earliest replies to his tweet, one that took place before the trade news, questioned whether Dwight was leaving Atlanta.

It could be worse, though. What if Dwight had no idea the Hawks sent him to the Hornets? That would be terrible. But there’s a good chance he found out while he checking his mentions, just hoping he’d get a few fantasy trades. Instead, he got news that he’s on a new squad next season.

Life comes at you fast, especially if you have your notifications on.