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New Jersey Devils changed their Twitter bio after jersey reveal

Take your complaints elsewhere.

On Tuesday, Adidas revealed new jerseys for NHL teams as part of their new deal with the league. For the most part, the changes were subtle. Some fans liked them and other didn’t, which is typically how these things go. But New Jersey Devils fans really didn’t like the changes to their jerseys.

There’s a petition for Adidas to go back to the old design. And while though that attempt may be ineffective in the long run, the Devils’ twitter account clearly doesn’t wanna hear it. They changed their bio to “Not a fashion company ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

They’re right. The Devils are not a fashion company They’re a hockey team, so any of the jersey complaints shouldn’t be going to them. If Twitter users wanted to voice their frustrations, they have a better shot at contact Adidas. Changing the bio might not thwart users from flooding the Devils’ mentions with criticism, but it won’t hurt either.