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Kevin Durant took out a full-page ad to thank the Warriors and fans

He’s a fan of the fans!

The Golden State Warriors certainly have a lot to thank Kevin Durant for. After adding the Oklahoma City star in the offseason, the team went 67-15 in the regular season and won the NBA Finals — and Finals MVP KD was a big part of the reason for that.

But instead of waiting for a handwritten thank you note from Steve Kerr, Durant went out of his way to make sure HE thanked the team and their fans for a great season (and his long-awaited NBA title) — by taking out a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle.

It’s a sweet gesture, and you can tell that KD really is thankful that he got the chance to bring back a NBA title, both for himself and the people of Oakland.

But, quickly, what is the deal with that acrostic poem? That thing is all over the place! Each word doesn’t necessarily have to start with the letter of that line, but some of these lines put the emphasis on VERY strange parts of words — like the “Y” in “employees,” for example. Who says that word like that?

Regardless, the ad is a nice way for KD to show gratitude for the fans of Oakland — even if it’s not making Oklahoma City fans very happy:

Hey, we can’t all be Warriors fans — but I’m sure Warriors fans appreciate Durant being a fan of them.