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Bulls fans are trying to buy a billboard to promote the firing of the front office

Philadelphia 76ers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Bulls fans are still reeling from the Jimmy Butler trade — the fact that he’s with the Timberwolves now, and the fact that the Bulls didn’t get enough value from the trade. It was a trade that earned a big, fat F from us, as well as other publications.

So now what? Well, one segment of the Bulls’ fandom is taking it upon themselves to let it be known how much the front office has done a poor job over the past few years. A fan named Brendon Henderson (also known as “bshendy” on Reddit) started a GoFundMe to buy a billboard that will call for the firing of front office figures Gar Forman and John Paxson, otherwise known as “#FireGarPax.”

The fundraiser’s ultimate goal, which is placed at $15,000, is to buy a billboard in a location that has the highest traffic in the Chicagoland area. As of writing, Henderson’s raised over $3,800, which already fulfills one stretch goal, according to the page:

$2,000 - We can afford a billboard! It would be a digital billboard located on Madison street. It is relatively small, but it will be right next to the United Center and we can quickly put our message there for 4 weeks, and for a whole minute in intervals.

The fundraiser also states that the money will also go to charity if it falls short:

If we don't make our goal, the money will be donated to the South Side YMCA of Metro Chicago. Any excess money will be donated as well. This YMCA features a great youth basketball program.

This is not the first time Bulls fans voiced opposition to the team’s front office. Blog A Bull, our Bulls blog, has spent many, many words criticizing them, from calling them an organizational failure to calling for Gar Forman’s firing. There was even a #FireGarPax protest when the Clippers played Chicago in March on national TV.

I suspect these protests won’t do much to budge the front office, that the executives know about them, but don’t really feel like listening. There will eventually be a day when both Forman and Paxson are ousted, but I predict that won’t happen for a couple more years. This prediction is coming from me, a Bulls fan who was really bummed about the Jimmy Butler trade, and bought a fidget spinner to lift my spirits. It didn’t lift my spirits.

(via r/chicagobulls)