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Derek Carr plans on giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch at the 1-yard line

The Seahawks are never going to live down that Super Bowl interception, are they?

Derek Carr signed a 5-year, $125 million extension with the Raiders on Friday, making him the highest paid player in NFL history (for now). It’s something he’s excited about, especially when he’ll use some of that money on all the Chick-fil-A he wants. But more than that, he wants to win, and there’s no doubt he can lead the Raiders to that goal because a) he’s a great quarterback, and b) he’s got Marshawn Lynch by his side now.

To illustrate how serious he is about winning and being selfless for the team, Carr brought up a sore Super Bowl moment for Seahawks fans: Russell Wilson’s interception at the one-yard line that could have been prevented if he had handed the ball to Lynch.

“My number one goal is that I give everything I have to this organization. There’s no pressure. There’s no ‘we’ll be on the one-yard line and I won’t give it to Marshawn, I’ll throw it.’ None of that stuff. I don’t care about the stats. That’s not my number one objective. I don’t care if I throw ten touchdowns next year. If we win every game, that’s all I care about.”

Judging from coach Jack Del Rio’s footage from a recent practice session, it looks like giving it to Marshawn is still a really good option.

So yeah, you should do that, Derek.