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LaVar Ball appeared on WWE Raw to go shirtless and talk smack to The Miz

We know LaVar Ball is a great heel. Now, he’s in the ring showcasing his skills.

LaVar Ball is the wrestling heel of the basketball world, if not the entire sports world. And he knows how to make money off it too. During the draft, Ball mockingly threw his hat at the booing crowd. He already knows how to work an audience. Those qualities make him a perfect persona for pro wrestling.

It didn’t take long for him to step inside the squared circle. On Monday’s episode of Raw in Los Angeles, LaVar, Lonzo, and LaMelo Ball appeared in a segment with Intercontinental champion The Miz. The Miz has a regular talking segment called Miz TV that typically ends with some shenanigans. The last few Miz TV spots have ended with wrestlers in teddy bear costumes.

The Miz’s set was the same as usual — a few directors’ chairs and a darker ring canvas — except with a bunch of Big Baller Brand shirts on display in the background. LaVar and LaMelo got their entrance. LaVar was so excited, he almost hung out on the canvas for a while before getting up.

Then, LaVar got a chance to introduce Lonzo to the Staples Center crowd for the first time. The Lakers rookie got his own entrance video, which was mostly the Lakers logo and his name in the iconic Lakers purple and gold. Once Lonzo got to to thank the fans for everything, the real pro wrestling began.

Once the entire Ball family was in the ring, The Miz talked deals. He wanted to get in on the Big Baller Brand train with a partnership, but LaVar wasn’t having it.

The Miz, being the wrestling heel he is, began questioning LaVar’s tactics for bringing things into existence. He asked why UCLA didn’t win the NCAA tournament if everything was really going the Balls’ way. Then things got heated. The Miz took off his shirt, ready to fight. Not one to back down from a confrontation, LaVar did the the same thing. It’s a standard sequence for pro wrestling, but having LaVar there just made it absurd.

Lonzo seemed to love it.

The segment was then interrupted by Dean Ambrose who was sporting The Balls’ clothing line. That transitioned into a six-man wrestling match. The Balls stayed out of that. Dean Ambrose and his team lost that match, so Big Baller Brand starts off its tenure at Staples Center with an L.

Ball and Titus O’Neil teased the appearance a few hours before Raw went on the air. O’Neil posted a photo of both of them on Twitter and LaVar replied soon after.

O’Neil’s latest character tweak might be inspired by LaVar and Big Baller Brand. O’Neil has been talking with several of the WWE wrestlers backstage with hopes of them joining him and his new brand, Titus Brand.

Ball is going to make hundred of appearances at Staples Center soon, so why not start now even if there’s no basketball yet? Maybe Zeus told him this would happen, just like he told him about Lonzo going to the Lakers. Not the Greek god — the wrestler who once teamed up with the “Macho King” Randy Savage.