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‘Weather boi’ is the internet's favorite new meme, but it turns out it’s a hoax

“Weather boi” seemed like it would be the greatest dang video of 2017.

FOX 5 in Las Vegas sent a crew to cover the opening of a fireworks stand in preparation for the Fourth of July. It was here that meteorologist Ted Pretty had his dignity torn from him, helplessly owned by a teen who called him “weather boi.”

The beauty of this is just how poised the kid is through the whole thing. He doesn’t break, never smiles, and has the guts to ruthlessly rip someone on live TV at an age when I would have been terrified to talk out of turn. But there’s more to this video than meets the eye. What are the odds a lone child with a nerve of steel would be waiting alone at a firework stand? Exactly.

Here’s the full clip that aired, with a little more banter around the edges.

Doesn’t it seem a little too neat? That’s because it appears, at least from Pretty’s Twitter account, that the sassy teen was his son.

Nonetheless, it was hilarious. The son has a future as a bully in TV shows.

h/t Reddit