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Doctors stop mid-surgery to watch Chile score their game-winning goal on TV

Let’s be honest: We’ve ALL watched sports during work at some point in time. An operating room in Chile took that to the next level during the country’s semi-final match in the Confederations Cup vs. Portugal.

It’s really difficult to find out any information about a random video of a Chilean operating room, so there’s a chance this could absolutely be fake -- even though it seems astounding. On the other hand, it’s really not THAT weird if you think about it.

The patient isn’t on oxygen and appears to be awake, so this could be minor surgery. If you’re going under the knife for something small and know you’re going to be awake during the biggest game of the year, then why not have it put on the TV? Sure, it might be a little off-putting seeing your surgeon turn to look at the TV — but at least you’re not focusing on being under the knife.

Kudos to the crew for not screaming too loud either. They kept their composure during their excitement. Congrats to Chile, too, whose astounding win on penalties will put them into the final.