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Jimmy Butler gave the world his cell phone number and wants critics to call him

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Jimmy Butler took an interesting route to address his critics during his introductory press conference with the Timberwolves: He gave the world his phone number.

In case you missed it the number is (773) 899-6071. Don’t bother calling right now, because every time we’ve tried we get a message from Verizon saying it’s unavailable. Probably because the number of an NBA superstar was broadcast live to the entire dang world.

Credit where it’s due: Butler is going to face his critics head-on (or ear-on, as the case may be) but he’s definitely going to need a new phone after this.

UPDATE: Butler actually took at least one FaceTime call!

taking all calls and y'all thought it was a game!

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How can you dislike Jimmy? You cannot.