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Canadian man is too busy mowing his lawn to worry about a tornado

This man is a treasure.

The following post you are about to read is similar to “Florida man” news stories, in which a resident of the Sunshine State exhibits some sort of wacky behavior causing the rest of the country to collectively shake its head — only in this case it’s “Canada man.”

Here, Canada man is mowing the lawn at his Alberta home during a tornado:

The chores just have to get done sometimes, whether or not the weather decides to cooperate.

According to CTV News, Theunis Wessels was “keeping an eye” on the tornado as he mowed. His wife, Cecilia, snapped the photo, which means she, too, was not actively hiding from this storm like most humans.

However, the couple noted the storm looked closer than it was, and it was moving away from them. Whatever you say, folks.

Basically, I will never be as badass as the people of Alberta.

You might be cool, but will you ever be casually mowing-your-lawn-in-a-tornado cool? No, probably not.