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Here's a LeBron James sculpture made out of 30 pounds of dryer lint

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It’s a Cleveland tradition like no other. That’s not a cliche, because making a giant sculpture out of an athlete made out of dryer lint is not something any other city does on a regular basis. Once again, let’s meet LintBron James.

Artist Sandy Buffie has a penchant for making things out of dryer lint, but LeBron is a special kind of muse. Credit where it’s due for not trotting out the same LintBron James as last year — because this year’s version has a new look.

Shout out to Sandy, who has really honed her lint-sculpting abilities. Last year’s was a little too round in the head, but 2017 LintBron really captures his likeness. This isn’t her first rodeo when it comes to lint sculptures. Last year she made lint versions of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both of which are horrifying.

There’s only one place to go when you’ve mastered the medium of lint: Cat hair sculptures.