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Mookie Betts showed off his pilot skills by flying Chris Archer to the All-Star Game

“I believe I can fly.”

Mookie Betts is a man of many talents — not only is he an All-Star right fielder for the Boston Red Sox, he’s apparently a pilot as well. Yes, a pilot. As in, like, airplanes.

First time flying a jet. Let me know if you need to be somewhere! I got you!! ✈️ #CirrusAircraft

A post shared by Mookie Betts (@mookiebetts) on

Very cool!

The Red Sox star personally flew Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer to the All-Star Game in Miami after the two faced off in a game Sunday afternoon. Betts piloted the plane from Tampa Bay to Miami — a roughly hour-long flight — while Archer just looked bewildered (and maybe a little bit nervous).

Mookie really can do it all. I'm still mad at that leadoff homer, btw. @mookiebetts #visionjet

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And while they made it safely to Miami, it’s hard to blame Archer for second-guessing Betts’ piloting skills. After all, just last year, Betts was swearing off driving entirely after plunging a golf cart into a pond.

So hey ... even when you’re an All-Star, there’s room for improvement somewhere. And it’s very cool to see Betts pursuing a career in the skies as well as on the baseball diamond.