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Bryce Harper wore these amazing cleats to honor Jose Fernandez at the All-Star Game

Very cool.

Bryce Harper is playing in the MLB All-Star Game in Miami on Tuesday night — and he’s decided to wear these amazing custom cleats to honor someone who won’t be there for the game: Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, who died in September.

Not only are the cleats really cool looking, they’re also a touching tribute to Fernandez, whose death rattled baseball earlier this year.

And he’s definitely wearing them in the game, too.

The ace pitcher Fernandez was an All-Star last year, and many players have remembered him during this year’s All-Star Week. Players will be using the the Marlins’ locker room, where Fernandez’s locker still serves as a tribute:

So as the All-Stars play in Marlins Stadium, fans will definitely be remembering Fernandez, beloved as a person and player — and Harper’s cleats are a great way to pay tribute to him.