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We regret to inform you that The Freeze lost his All-Star Game race

A very sad occasion indeed.

Maybe The Freeze isn’t a superhuman, after all. The Atlanta Braves costumed sensation made a name for himself this season by racing contestants between innings — giving his opponents a massive head start and still (usually) winning.

But unfortunately, he couldn’t make the magic last at the 2017 MLB All-Star Game Tuesday night.

Drat — and just like that, a hero falls. Congratulations to the speedy fan who took him down, but it’s always hard to see beloved heroes like The Freeze lose their touch. After all, some kid was out there, watching excitedly in his Freeze costume, holding his Freeze action figure ... only to watch his favorite hero get dusted by some fan.

And yes, The Freeze has lost before — but the stakes were so much higher tonight. This was the gosh dang All-Star Game and The Freeze had his chance to prove he was an All-Star.

Things might not have gone as planned, but you’re still an All-Star in my eyes, The Freeze.

So instead of feeling down about a hero who lost his cape, let’s relive The Freeze’s greatest moments ... so far.

Ah, the video that started it all.

Another great moment in The Freeze’s history. And even if he didn’t win at the All-Star Game, hopefully there are many more great moments to come.