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Nelson Cruz took a photo with umpire Joe West in the middle of the MLB All-Star Game

Say cheese!

The All-Star Game is all about making memories, and that’s exactly what Seattle Mariners slugger Nelson Cruz did on Tuesday night. Before his at-bat in the sixth inning, Cruz paused the game to take a picture with umpire Joe West.

Everyone stopped while West and Cruz cheesed for the camera — and yes, that’s Cardinals catcher/part-time photographer Yadier Molina snapping the pic.

And how did West and Cruz look?

Stunning, just stunning. Look at those smiles. Not bad for “the oldest guys in the game,” as Cruz told Molina and West after taking the picture.

During the All-Star Game, players are allowed to keep their phones in the dugout — to play Candy Crush, mostly. But Cruz took it a step further by taking the picture with West.

Let’s hope the pic ends up on his Instagram sometime soon!


The picture is on Instagram now — that didn’t take long.

And here it is... #ASG

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Good lookin’ — this feels like it was only yesterday! Ah, how time flies.