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George Springer was proud to be mic’d up for the All-Star Game: ‘I’m gonna stutter. I don’t care.’

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Houston Astros All-Star George Springer didn’t shy away from being interviewed during the game on Tuesday night, and in doing so helped raise awareness for stuttering in America.

Springer serves as a national spokesperson for SAY, The Stuttering Association for the Young. The organization’s Twitter account intently followed his game, and were overjoyed when he chose to speak and didn’t let his stuttering get in the way.

The group aims to raise awareness and help children who stutter with speech therapy, hearing from people who also stutter and “Camp SAY” a sleep-away camp that aims to provide a “transformative experience” for campers.

It would have been easy for Springer to avoid being interviewed, and it’s likely nobody would have noticed — but his actions hopefully made a lot more kids confident to let their voice be heard. This is awesome.