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Samuel L. Jackson REALLY didn’t want the Patriots to win Team of the Year at the ESPYs

Can you blame him?

It’s hard being a sports fan — especially when you’re tasked with potentially handing an award to your least favorite team.

That’s the issue Falcons diehard and very famous actor Samuel L. Jackson faced when presenting the ESPY for Team of the Year. One of the nominees was the New England Patriots, and Jackson was not about to let that happen:

“Please don’t let it be them, don’t let it be them, don’t let it be them,” he said, referring to the Pats. In the end, it wasn’t them — NBA superteam Golden State Warriors won the award after demolishing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. And Jackson, like any Falcons fan, was relieved.

And can you really blame him? He’s clearly still upset about his team’s Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, where the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead (in case you’d somehow forgotten). That’s a hard thing to get over, even if the Patriots’ incredible performance was maybe worthy of the award.

Regardless, congrats to the Warriors for winning Team of the Year AND making Samuel L.’s life a little easier.