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Auburn fan paints his dog into a tiger every 8 weeks or so

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It just means more.

In 2013 a zoo in China tried to pass off a Tibetan mastiff as a lion to visitors. At 2017 SEC Media Days an adorable Maltese became a tiger.

Morgan Moriarty, SB Nation

“It’s hair dye, it lasts eight weeks at a time,” Tiger Jake’s owner told SB Nation. “It’s animal-friendly hair dye.”

He added that his daughter’s animal clinic dyes the dog regularly. Tiger Jake seemed like a very good dog, and I am very glad to make his acquaintance.

Normally the phrase “painting a dog” is resigned to those one-night art classes where you drink wine and paint with your friends, but the term takes on new meaning at times like this. Sure, some might say it’s mean to turn your dog an unnatural color for the purposes of supporting your team, but darn it the dog looks pretty fine with it all.

It’s the little details about this pupper that can’t be ignored. It’s clearly in good health, it’s wearing a harness, which is a giveaway that the owner cares about the pup enough not to put all the strain of a leash on its neck and let’s face it: It’s pretty cute.

SEC fans painting dogs is nothing new, but specifically turning them into tigers seems to be the go-to move. That said, normally it’s more of an LSU thing.

I know painted dogs get people mad, because the fear is the owner didn’t use non-toxic paint, but they’re still very good dogs.