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Butt-themed Reddit accounts had the scoop on the Cubs acquiring Jose Quintana

On Thursday the White Sox traded Jose Quintana to the Cubs in a deal for four prospects. A pretty standard trade in the scheme of things, right? Well, it’s the source of how that news broke that has the internet in a dizzy.

It wasn’t a big-name Chicago sports writer or ESPN that first got wind of the news — but a brave pair of souls who took their information to Reddit. On this beautiful, glorious, spectacular day it was “KatyPerrysBootyHole” and “wetbutt23” who had the biggest news in baseball.

Over 12 hours before the trade was announced, KatyPerrysBootyHole went to r/whitesox to hear if anyone had heard murmurs of the trade. At the time nobody had, writing it off as rumor — when wetbutt23 rolled in, the source of the information, other Redditors needled him for extra information.

Just two butts. One famous, one wet — hanging out on Reddit discussing the biggest trade of the day for all the world to see. The incredible thing about internet trade rumors as they become more prevalent is that we might end up seeing Reddit names get official credit — which would be incredible.

I looked through KatyPerrysBootyHole’s history to see if there were any other big-name trades that got broken, but alas, no. The Quintana trade was the first in a sea of fantasy baseball advice and random big-league chatter.

For now we can just appreciate that for one day, frozen in time, two butts had the news everyone else wanted.