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J.J. Watt made fun of Big Baller Brand to market his $99 Reebok shoes and was promptly roasted


If you didn’t know — and, let’s be real, you probably didn’t — Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt has a new pair of shoes coming out. They’re all-black Reeboks, cost $99 and, as he made very clear on Twitter, they’re NOT shoes for Big Ballers.

Hmm... who could he be talking about? What shoes have been all over the news for their $500 price tag and loud spokesperson? It sure sounds like Watt is taking shots at LaVar and Lonzo Ball’s signature brand.

Watt then made fun of Lonzo, who chose not to wear his custom shoe in a recent Summer League game:

Sheesh, someone’s not a Big Baller. And have we ever seen J.J. Watt wear his own shoes in an NFL game? Didn’t think so.

It also doesn’t help that his shoes LOOK like they’ve been on clearance since 2006 — something people on Twitter were quick to point out, clowning Watt’s shoes at every turn:


Shockingly accurate. Are we sure this isn’t the real name?

The latest sales projections are in.

Protect Big Baller Brand Task Force reporting for duty.

Yes, that’s Costco’s store brand, and yes, that’s a fitting description of these shoes. But, hey, we can’t all be Big Ballers.

Now the real question is will LaVar Ball respond to J.J. Watt? Only time will tell.