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Blake Griffin’s first-ever Instagram story was an epic film for the ages

Starring: Blake Griffin as... The Bear

Generally speaking, there are only three types of athlete Instagram stories:

  1. Workout videos
  2. Singing along to rap music in the car
  3. Cute athlete’s kids doing cute things

But Blake Griffin, in his Instagram story debut, decided he was going to push the boundaries of what a famous athlete can do with a short IG story — his first ever attempt is stunning, a provocative work of art that takes the expectations we have about the medium and turns them on their head.

Also, he wears a bear costume and that’s funny af.

So, presented without further ado is Blake Griffin’s masterpiece “first story ever...”

Are you as excited as I am? Let’s explore the opening scene...

It starts simple enough — elegant, but still pretty predictable for a Instagram story. But that’s only to lull you into a false sense of security about what’s to come... including this next scene.

Now we’re cooking — this is some real high-octane action movie stuff. Just look how he zooms down the freeway (obeying speed limits) while doing whatever it takes to get to his destination (while following all traffic regulations). And you can’t hear it here, but the tasteful Leon Bridges soundtrack gives the scene an artful touch.

Luckily, he has the perfect car to do it in:

Now this is where Griffin’s directorial wizardry comes into play — just look at this gorgeous, film noir-style black-and-white shot of his vehicle of choice. Like his play style on the court, Griffin’s cinematography is both powerful and pristine.

But here’s where things start to get weird.

A random shot of shoes... his shoes to be exact.

A dense, layered shot of cowboy gear and two faded Polaroids of Griffin dressed as one. What is he trying to tell us? Who took these pictures? Are you OK?

Great directors make us ask these questions, and as the end of his Story approaches, he leaves us with even more to ask.

“On the moon I milly rock,” Blake Griffin seems to be saying with this extremely strange scene, one that, while visually stimulating, creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and amazement. Where did he even get this astronaut costume — or is he really in space?

Regardless, the finale of the film doesn’t resolve any of these plot points, it only adds to the confusion:

Um, what? In a totally bizarre turn of events, Griffin is now a bear, pulling the head of his costume off and putting it back on repeatedly. “totally normal day,” the subtitles read, a clearly ironic jab given the film’s absurdity.

What does it all mean? I don’t posture to know — but what I do know is that after basketball, Blake Griffen has a promising career in film.

4/4 Slam Dunks®