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Aaron Rodgers threw a pass to a sliding Steph Curry at the American Century Championship

The American Century Championship is a perfect summer sports weekend, bringing a handful of athletes, celebrities, and fans to Lake Tahoe for golf and a bunch of shenanigans. You may recall a highlight from last year when Alfonso Ribeiro, Justin Timberlake, and Stephen Curry got together to do the “Carlton Dance” from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

This year, Curry and Aaron Rodgers treated fans to a fantasy scenario where Curry leaves basketball to be a wideout with the Packers. Here’s how Curry fared in catching a pass from Rodgers — he slipped, but he caught it!

Oh, hey, we’re also in Lake Tahoe for the American Century Championship tournament. We’ve got live shows for the weekend, one of which has already happened on Friday. Our next show will be live on Saturday at 2 p.m. ET on our Facebook page, where we’ll have more guests, tomfoolery, and, of course, golf.

SB Nation at the American Century Championship, Friday

We're LIVE from the American Century Championship with Justin Timberlake, Charles Barkley, Charles Woodson and more! Join the fun:

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