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The Diamondbacks and Reds are giving us RAY vs. ROMANO

The magic of two last names combining into something beautiful isn’t new. We’ve seen it in college football, and the NFL — now baseball is getting in on the unintentional fun when the Diamondbacks and Reds play on Tuesday.

It’s amazing. On one magic day in July 2017 Robbie Ray and Sal Romano will face off and remind us of a popular comedian.

I never much cared for Everybody Loves Raymond but I really liked Ray Romano in that one episode of Maron when he was Marc Maron’s new friend and turned out to be really shady.

Sometimes a scoreboard combo can be a little mean.

For now we can just enjoy Ray vs. Romano in its purity. In a semi-related note, ESPN ran a story in 2012 about how much baseball writers in fact HATED Raymond.