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This incredible floating dock is like a slip and slide for surfers

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Innovations in surfing have been momentous over the years, but perhaps a little unremarkable to the untrained eye. Now a portable surf dock is changing all that.

Instead of paddling into a wave, the floating, anchored dock is segmented, so it moves along with it. This allows for surfers to run and jump into waves, instead of paddling. It also allows for incredible stuff like this:

It’s unclear if there are more plans for “The Dock,” or whether this was a one-off from Volcom. It might seem like a no-brainer to keep using this dock, but the lighthearted video fails to highlight just how dangerous this is.

That’s something the surfers went into detail in on Volcom’s blog.

The danger involved was also on everyone’s minds as the set up began. “It would just kill you if it hit you, yeah?” said Noa. The wires, the ropes, the waves, the unpredictability of the anchor were all threatening variables. Ozzie recalls, “The Dock’s been scary. At one stage I just came up, got my board, and saw it coming right at me. But I like the chaos of it.” What was once a long and arduous journey has finally come to fruition. And we’re truly passionate about. We hope you enjoy!

Either way this is an incredible idea that might just need some more polish.