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‘Larry The Snail’ defeats ‘Uslime Bolt’ to win World Snail Racing Championship

Larry The Snail is your world champion, and England remains the king of creating the weirdest dang sports. Over the weekend, the World Snail Racing Championships were held in Congham, and it brought the nation’s fastest gastropods out in force.

The concept behind snail racing is pretty simple. All the snails are placed inside a circle, and they have to get out the fastest way possible.

Larry crossed the line in 2:47, edging out “Uslime Bolt,” which we’re mentioning only because Uslime Bolt is the greatest name for a racing snail ever — and he has a custom enclosure:

The prize for winning the World Snail Racing Championships? An impressive trophy full of lettuce. It’s an excellent prize for the human and snail alike: