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Joel Embiid was NOT happy when ‘NBA 2K’ told him his player rating

More evidence that the world isn’t fair.

Joel Embiid trusts “The Process,” just not whatever process got him an 86 rating in NBA 2K18. The Philadelphia 76ers star let people know on Twitter that he thinks he deserves a better rating, even though he spent much of his rookie season injured:

While it’s a known fact that no athlete is ever happy with their video game rating, Embiid took it a step further by providing reasons why his rating is wrong. Here’s him discussing his rating with 2K Sports during a recent commercial shoot.

“What?! That’s bull ... crap,” Embiid said when he found out his rating. “I’m not gonna curse, I just got fined.

For context, here’s the list of top ratings in the most recent update of NBA 2K17:

1. LeBron James: 97

2. James Harden: 96

2. Kawhi Leonard: 96

2. Russell Westbrook: 96

5. Stephen Curry: 95

Those are some REALLY good players.

So while Embiid is clearly upset with his rating, we’ll have to see if he can improve it during the season, as the game continually updates based on real-life statistics. So if he can stay healthy, you might see an improved video game version of Embiid as well.

But until then, Embiid might have to play as someone other than himself if he wants to win!