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Watch a Tesla smoke custom street racing cars while their owners get upset

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There might be a new king of the street racing scene, and it wins with a whisper. A gutted Tesla P100D hit the streets over the weekend to take the pride (and a lot of money) off owners of traditional one-eighth-mile cars.

The P100D with “ludicrous mode” was already one of the quickest production cars in the world with a sublime 0-60 speed of 2.5 seconds, but this version, created by the Tesla Racing Channel, is even faster after a significant weight reduction. The interior was gutted and the seats replaced with lightweight racing seats, resulting in a net loss of between 400-500 pounds.

The result of the changes speak for themselves. In a series of one-eighth-mile races the Tesla breezed past a modified Cobra Mustang and two Nitrous Foxbody Mustangs, with only a Nissan GTR proving to be any match for the electric beast — it still lost by two body lengths. It’s stunning, especially for a car that jokes with you when you decide to push it to its limits.

Perhaps the best part of the video is the series of races against the first Nitrous Foxbody. The owner of the Mustang is furious he was beaten by an electric car, and accuses the Tesla driver of cheating him by putting him in a wet lane. After a back-and-forth they agree to re-race, this time switching lanes — and the Tesla still destroys the car, winning $3,800 in the process.

Now, it should be noted that there’s a significant price difference between the cars involved here. A 2017 Tesla P100D runs a cool $140,000, and the competitors are a fraction of the cost — but we’re still looking at the possible future of racing. Lord knows it would mean future Fast and Furious movies would be a lot quieter.