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Cardinals' Adam Wainwright gets sunflower seed shower during TV interview

So ... many ... sunflower seeds.

Baseball players messing with their teammates or coaches while they do TV interviews from the dugout is nothing new. Sometimes they’ll have a hot dog contest behind your back, sometimes a player will dress up like Yoda and dab for the camera. During Saturday’s game between the Nationals and Cardinals, pitcher Adam Wainwright had to power through some sunflower seed hazing while talking to the MLB on Fox crew. It began with Carlos Martinez doing his best Salt Bae impression, then other teammates standing a few feet away from him joined in the fun with their own seed tosses. It then devolved into just pouring entire sunflower seed bags on top of him.

Meanwhile, Dexter Fowler just stood there staring at Wainwright and taking in the sight of him getting showered with seeds. I should also note Fowler was standing in the middle of this prank, so he probably caught a few seeds inside his shirt, but apparently it didn’t bother him, because he was too focused on Wainwright.

“We gotta be almost out of seeds,” Wainwright said after about a minute of the seed shower. Nope, Fowler had another bag for him behind his back.

(via Cut4/MLB)