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LaVar Ball forfeited Big Ballers AAU game because he thought the refs were cheating

The Big Ballers were winning by nine points.

A LaVar Ball-coached Big Ballers AAU team forfeited a playoff game at the Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament in Anaheim on Saturday. In a video recorded at the game, you can hear Ball yell out two profanities, the latter of which earned him a technical foul. His response was to pull his team off the court.

According to USA Today, Ball’s team was winning at the time of the forfeit, 69-60.

Another video caught Ball’s postgame reaction, where he explained why he pulled his team, which includes his youngest LaMelo, off the floor.

“I’m not gonna have my guys out there playing hard, and they’re cheating. I don’t play that sh-t,” Ball is heard saying.

In an email, the coach of the opposing team responded to USA Today:

We appreciate all the attention that our game against the Big Ballers has brought to us. While we don’t agree with the one-sided videos his program has produced or agree that there was cheating going on, Mr. Ball is entitled to his own opinion. I am proud of the way our boys competed, stayed focused, and respected the game.

Full highlights of the game before the forfeit can be seen here: