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This Phillies fan is drinking 2 beers at the same damn time

The game isn’t great, but these beers are!

Going to a baseball game in the evening after work can be one of the best ways to relax after a particularly tough day. For a few innings, you can brush aside dumb tensions from the overly air-conditioned office filled with people you’d rather not interact with and mellow out with the sight of verdant field, a competitive game, and a nice adult beverage.

Still, a lot has to go right for that to happen. Maybe the weather won’t match up to your idealized expectation or worse — the game can be bad. It’s not the end of the world and there are ways to balance things out to where you can still chill. You can grab an extra beer that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

That’s what this fan did during Monday’s Astros-Phillies game. Cameras caught him drinking two tall cans as Josh Reddick stepped to the plate.

It’s not so much that this guy bought two beers. It’s more about him voraciously grasping them, unwilling to place them on the ground near his seat or the cupholders. He just takes a sip of one, slowly lowers it, and quickly raises the other beer. He will only agree to loosen his grip once all the beer is gone.

Assuming this person is a Phillies fan, can you blame him for wanting to relax in the middle of a one-sided contest like on Monday? It was only the top of the fourth inning and the Phillies were already down four runs. And it didn’t get any better.

I would say this fan should probably pace himself, but he probably knew the game would be one-sided. The Astros scored two more runs on Philadelphia in the next inning. With the Phillies being at the bottom of the NL East, he had to know this was coming.

Still, that’s not going to stop him from enjoying his time at the ballpark. This guy is taking it easy.