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Ian Desmond made Rockies shirts that Tupac wore and the nostalgia is fantastic

All Eyez on the Rockies.

How do you know if a shirt is cool? If Tupac wore it, you’re probably safe.

Colorado Rockies outfielder Ian Desmond took that famous mantra to heart by buying his teammates T-shirts based on a Rockies shirt that Tupac apparently once wore. And, yes, it’s fire.

Here’s Tupac in the shirt:

And here’s Desmond:


Still, I have a lot of questions here: What was Tupac doing in a Rockies shirt? I’m not even sure Tupac ever visited Colorado, and the origins of this picture are mysterious at best. Also the MLB hat and Pizza Hut box have to be mentioned, too — Pac knew how to put together an outfit.

Apparently Desmond thought so too — he liked the look enough to have the shirts custom made:

"I had the idea to have it made,” he told “I liked it, so I thought other guys would like it, too. Obviously Twitter liked it and they blew up over it, so I had a bunch made for the guys."