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This very good dog skateboarded at the Giants game and captured everyone's heart

“I love that dog.”

OK, first things first — just watch this dang video. It’s a dog skateboarding, you literally cannot go wrong. So do it.

Now, take a moment to smile. I know you want to — I mean, you just saw a dog skateboard! So let’s see those pearly whites :).

OK ... so let’s talk about it. Holy smokes that was a dog skateboarding! And at a baseball game, nonetheless, which just adds to the overall coolness of this dog and his human. It’s literally SO COOL. Need I remind you that most people can’t even ride skateboards well? This dog is doing it effortlessly.

But perhaps no one was as impressed by said dog as the game’s announcer, who longingly professed “I love that dog” at the end of the clip. His voice: soft. His heart: pure.

We all love that dog.