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Watching NFL rookies get upset about their ‘Madden’ ratings is so much fun

It’s that magic time again: Madden rating season. We get to watch as NFL players become angry at their video game analogs, and 2017 will keep up the tradition of rookies overrating themselves, then reacting to the numbers.

This year’s twist is having the rooks grade their ratings with emojis. The results were, as always, spectacular. At this point, you’d think they’d know nobody is getting over the mid-80s this early in their career, but still they keep doing it.

Like Leonard Fournette, who thought he’d be a 97 overall.

Fournette was so angry at his 66 rating for stamina, but that 97 overall he gave himself is the real gem. That would have made him the No. 1 running back in the NFL based on last year’s ratings, higher than first-place Le’Veon Bell who finished the season at a 96.

Mitchell Trubisky’s reaction to having a 71 in strength was the same reaction Bears fans had when the team traded up for him.

Now lets get back to that emoji thing I mentioned. There were emoji ratings, lots of angry faces and poops — but the real star here is Saints third-round draft pick Alvin Kamara, who gave his rating ...

Two poops, a goat, and a trophy.

What does this mean? The rating is poop and he’s a goat trophy? Did the goat poop in a trophy? We’re going to need some more clarification here. Until then we’re going to be lost.