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A Dodgers prospect hit one of the craziest home runs you’ll ever see

He got a major assist from an outfielder’s head. Yes, you read that right.


Well, you certainly don’t see this every day. Dodgers prospect Alex Verdugo hit a home run, which is normal. What wasn’t normal is that the ball left the park because it hit the opposing outfielder in the head and bounced over the right field wall.

Seriously. Watch it happen. It’s crazy.


How right fielder Zach Borenstein managed to be right under the ball and not look up and catch it is a mystery, but the fact that he didn’t brought us the insanity and joy of this GIF, which hasn’t gotten less cool to watch yet.

Verdugo’s name has been thrown around the last few days in relation to the Dodgers potentially trading for Yu Darvish. After this “trick play” they might want to keep him around for novelty’s sake (and also because he’s actually a skilled ballplayer).

If you’ll excuse us now, we’re going to go back to watching this GIF dozens of times in a row.