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The top 5 QBs by player rating in ‘Madden 18’

He’s a 99 overall!

Tom Brady cemented himself as the GOAT with another Super Bowl win, and it’s being rewarded in Madden 2018. EA Sports released the rankings for the best quarterbacks in the game this year, and it’s no surprise that Brady is back on top.

No.1 Tom Brady — 99 overall

The standard five-star preview never ever favors quarterbacks well, but Brady gets the important 99 overall, as well as a 99 awareness rating. This is the fourth time Brady has received a 99 at launch, along with 2007, 2008, and 2011.

No.2 Aaron Rodgers — 98 overall

We don’t know how Rodgers stacks up against Brady in the key quarterback areas, but he’s extremely close to the top spot. His Throw on the Run is a 97 overall, which means he’s going to be awesome outside the pocket.

No.3 Matt Ryan — 96 overall

Ryan has always been a mid-high tier quarterback, but this year he leaves that in the dust. His 96 overall is the highest of Ryan’s career, and paired with Julio Jones will make the Falcons a force when the game is released.

No.4 Drew Brees — 92 overall

Brees is in the 90s again, because he always is. He shares the top spot with Brady in awareness, being the only two quarterbacks with the rating, which means his other areas will be down slightly over previous years. Brees will still be good, but he’s definitely slowing down from 2010, when he was the 99 overall player in the pool.

No.5 Ben Roethlisberger — 91 overall

Big Ben’s claim to fame in Madden has always been that he’s near-impossible to sack, and that will continue with his 82 strength rating. EA Sports note that this is the highest in the league, a spot he had to compete with Cam Newton in the past.

Honorable mentions

The EA Sports blog lets us in on a few more ratings. Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck both sneak into the top tier with 90 overall ratings, while Cam Newton naturally took a step back following the slump after his 2015 MVP season. He’s rated at 88 overall.